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Jesús Pobre
Yoga & bread sessions

Hatha yoga session


Learning how to bake your own bread

Bread tasting

"Her voice is so relaxing that you even forget you are at such a beautiful place..."

"A pleasure in the middle of nowhere..."

"A wonderful person and an extraordinary bread..."

What does freshly baked bread smells like? At Claudia’s it smells like good Karma, relax, mindfullness, like commitment to ourselves.

A day with Claudia is a gift to ourselves. To our body, to our mind. It is leaving aside all problems and stress to focus a few hours on “you”. From the tip of our toes to the last vertebra of our neck. Together with Claudia you will enjoy her garden from her Morocan style “Jaima”, surrounded by palm and olive trees, easing our symbiosis with the atmosphere. You will knead the dough or flours 100% organic that have not been spoiled by human intervention, that still respect our organism, our natural rythms and our idiosyncrasy. Throughout this session, baking your own bread becomes a way of meditating that helps us understand the importance of the ingredients and the natural processes playing a role to bake the bread, which is the base or our diet.

Claudia is a perfect example of the new generation of young people that have come to the village with new ideas and projects. People that has started a new life altogether with their families longing for a better life more in line with  themselves. Enjoying a day with Claudia will help you conect with Jesús Pobre becoming filled with the dynamics of this ever changing village. An image of open rural tradition, modern and most importantly: alive.

Claudia holds a Yoga & Bread session every Thursday from 9:00 am to 1:00 pm.



Bookings can be done by phone +34 965 086 793 or by filling the following form.

Payment will be done in advance by bank transfer or in cash at the starting point.

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From 29.9€ per person (VAT included)
  •    OFFER    from 29,90€ + IVA with the promotional leaflet
  • Normal Price 33€ + IVA
  • Discounts of 50% for unemployed people

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