Prices and booking

Travel to the Core of Things is a social business with the aim of offering new and different high quality tourism products based on a human approach to the places we work with and guided by a set of principles for producing ethical, socially responsible and nature based holidays and activities.

According to our social responsible philosophy our prices are set up according to a fair distribution of income, are based on decent salaries, avoid “all in” policies and benefit people first and foremost.

Furthermore, 10% of the benefits obtained from this initiative are given to local associations working towards rescuing the environment and the culture of the destinations. In our first destination, La Vall de Gallinera, our initiative supports “l’Unió cultural d’amics de la Gallinera”, an association devoted since 1985 to rescue the traditions and the culture of the valley as well as fighting for preserving its natural environment.

For every Euro you pay on average:

  • 38% goes to service providers (local hosts, local traders, etc.)
  • 5% to presents for guests (from local providers)
  • 10% for benefits (10% of them for a local non for profit association)
  • 21% for taxes
  • 14% for administrative costs
  • 12% to lodging (for local owners of rural houses)
La Vall de Gallinera
Daily experiences and activities
From 23€19,5€Per person
Jesús Pobre
Tomato tasting
From 23€19,5€Per person
Yoga & bread sessions
From 35€29,9€Per person
Luthier visits: the art of guitar making
From19,5€Per person