Pack 2 nights
La Vall de Gallinera
Short break, strolling in the valley


  • 2 nights in a traditional rural house
  • Welcoming at the rural house
  • 3 strolls with a local host (3h aprox.)
  • Self guided tours
  • Welcome pack with local products




Take two days to relax, slow down and stroll. Through this break of 2 days you will experience the valley walking around it with a local host, in English, whilst discovering the history, the town, the people, and its many beautiful hideaways.

Another option for those with the possibility of coming to the valley for a couple of days is to enjoy it strolling around it together with a local host while you get to know hints on the culture, the people and the hideaways of this almost unexplored region. Accommodated in a finely decorated rural house in one of the eight small villages and hamlets you will enjoy the experience of strolling with a local host discovering the valley and its hideaways.


The three strolls, gentle walks of around 3 hours each and led by a local person (in English, French or German) introduce guests to the village or hamlet they are staying at (understanding its origins, the evolution, the architecture and the people living there); the history of the region (getting to know it in one of the two Arab castles of the valley after a 45 min walk); and the trades of the valley (through a walking tour in a dramatic scenery in the limestone craggy mountains  nearby).

Self guided materials

To complete the experience we offer you self guided walking materials for all interests and walking levels for letting you discover and choose the tour that best fits your interests at your own pace. We have included self guided tours for discovering the natural surroundings (waterfalls, ridges, wetlands); self guided tours of the many prehistoric cave paintings of the region (some declared world human heritage); some coastline walks for discovering off the track little beaches of the region; and walks for discovering the other eight small hidden villages of the valley.


All houses selected for the holidays are self catering houses to let you enjoy them with the absolute freedom for doing what you want whenever you want it and with no neighbours. They are all finely decorated rural traditional houses located in one of the eight small villages or hamlets of the valley and are fully equipped for letting you enjoy the valley at your pace and with your timetables. Capacity ranges from 2 to 8 people though any of the houses can be arranged separately by rooms. Accommodation will be arranged for you depending on the houses availability and how many of you there are.

Included in the price, you will find a welcome pack with fresh local products at your rural house.

To discover more about the selected houses use the following link.

Price list
From 132€ per person (VAT included)
  • 1-2 people: from 240€ per person. Total pack 2 people: 480€ (VAT included)
  • 3-4 people: from 177€ per person. Total pack 4 people: 710€ (VAT included)
  • 5-6 people: from 150€ per person. Total pack 6 people: 900€ (VAT included)
  • 7-8 people: from 132€ per person. Total pack 8 people: 1.060€ (VAT included)

For bookings on Christmas, Easter and Spain and Valencia bank holidays there is a supplement of 10€ per person.

Prices include 2 nights lodging in one of the fully equipped traditional rural houses, 3 strolls with your local host, self-guided materials and a welcome pack with basic local products (tea, milk, coffee, bread, infusion’ herbs, vegetables, etc.)

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