• Get acces to hideaways and stories only known by local people.
  • Learn new things and different ways of seeing the world.
  • Travel to the core of things…

What do we offer?

We reinvented travels to let you discover and enjoy the core of our destinations by the hand of local people.  There is no better way to discover a place than knowing someone there. Therefore, we offer you the possibility to stroll with a local person who will be your host and who will show you their village, introduce you to their neighbours, open the doors of their traditional trades and show you their favourite hideaways.

Where do we offer our experiences?

In Travel to the Core of Things we offer different holidays in special hidden regions of Spain located in rural areas off the beaten track.


For who?

We have developed these new different holidays for adult people with an interest in culture, rural life, nature, relaxation and good gastronomy.


People is what matters

These holidays have been developed by local people with the aim of opening the doors of their homes so that you get to know the valley through their eyes.


How have we developed it?

Our team has developed the experiences after an investigation of around 2 years per destination, assessing the region, the people, and the accommodation.


A wonderful experience providing the traveller with the privilege of getting to hidden hideaways and getting to know the local people

Highly recommended. Read the full article Logo The Guardian

Under the sun of Spain - to the core of things a local tourism initiative. See video                                                                                                                                                                 France-5


In travel to the core of things we promote local cultures, the environment and the small local business in order to strengthen regions of Spain hit hard by depopulation, unemployment and loss of traditions. We work with people of the destinations. We contribute to rescue traditions and local stories about to be forgotten. We use only local service providers and we ensure the benefits reach as widely as possible (far from all in packs). Moreover, we distribute 10% of our benefits to local associations working towards the protection of the natural surroundings and the culture of the destinations. Read more about us

Featured packs


Jesús Pobre

Tomato tasting

Summer has come to Jesús Pobre with new experiences and activities organised by to the core of things in this...


La Vall de Gallinera

The valley, a way of being
(7 nights)

Our new 7 days experience lets you discover and enjoy the character of our valley slowly, through your senses, at...


La Vall de Gallinera

Short break, the people of the valley
(2 nights)

Experience the valley through its people. Discover the craggy limestone mountains with a shepherd, enjoy the blossoming of almond groves...


Jesús Pobre

Yoga & bread sessions

What does freshly baked bread smells like? At Claudia's it smells like good Karma, relax, mindfullness, like commitment to ourselves. A day with...